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Mixed rescue dogs and designer breeds often find themselves in unfortunate circumstances. Often not qualifying as a breed at all according to various kennel clubs, they can be found abandoned and homeless. If you go to a shelter to adopt a dog, you’ll find that many of them aren’t ‘purebreeds’ and are actually mixed dogs that their breeders and owners couldn’t be bothered with. That’s why it’s so important to adopt instead of shopping if you’re thinking about getting a mixed breed dog. It’s the same situation for terrier mixes.

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What Is a Terrier Mix?

Terriers themselves aren’t one breed so the term ‘terrier mix’ can be quite confusing. What exactly is a terrier mix? Well, a terrier mix can be a mixed breed dog that combines two different kinds of terriers. Alternatively, a terrier mix can also have a completely different breed like labrador or dachshund. More often than not, a terrier mix is the latter kind.

There are a lot of dogs that fall within the terrier group, as the American Kennel Club describes it. So a terrier mix can involve a wide range of animals. From the powerful American Staffordshire terrier to the lamblike Bedlington terrier to the cute and tiny Norfolk terrier, these are all purebreed dogs. The terrier group basically encompasses a group of dogs that were bred to hunt (typically rats and other kinds of small vermin). 

Terrier mixes can, therefore, come in all shapes and sizes. There’s no knowing how your full-grown puppy might turn out because they’ll inherit a variety of characteristics from either parent. Having said that, terrier mixes are typically high-energy, playful and friendly dogs.

Terrier Mix Breeds

Now that we’ve seen that there are different kinds of terriers, we should know more about terrier mixes. With 31 recognized breeds of terriers and any number of purebred dogs that they can be mixed with, the number of combinations is unimaginable. 

Some popular terrier mix breeds are:

Morkie (Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier mix)

Jackabee (Beagle and Jack Russell Terrier mix)

Whoodle (Poodle and Wheaten Terrier mix)

Yorkipoo (Poodle and Yorkshire Terrier mix)

Frenchton (French Bulldog and Boston Terrier mix)

German Shepherd and American Pitbull Terrier mix

Airedoodle (Poodle and Airedale Terrier mix)

Bullboxer (Boxer and American Pitbull Terrier mix)

Labrabull (Labrador and American Pitbull Terrier mix)

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Appearance and Characteristics

Given the number of parent breeds, it’s no surprise that terrier mixes can have all sorts of appearances. They might be longhaired or shorthaired, curlycoated or smoothcoated, big or small, black and white or any shade of brown or gold imaginable. They might look like Labs or like Poodles or like Yorkies. There’s really no knowing how your terrier mix puppy will grow up to look.

Generally, there are smaller breeds of terrier mixes and bigger breeds of terrier mixes. Those mixes that have Yorkshire terrier, Norfolk terrier or West Highland white terrier genes will typically be small in size. On the other hand, the dogs that have Airedale terrier in them will be taller and more stately than cute. American Staffordshire terrier mixes (nicknamed AmStaffs) and American Pitbull terrier mixes are likely to be more muscular and stocky.

Likewise, their personalities can also vary widely. It’s difficult to say whether your terrier mix will be good with small children and other pets or to make exact predictions about their energy levels. Terriers are generally high on energy and require a lot of exercise and the same should be true of most terrier mixes. They can also be quite stubborn and need proper training sessions and early socialization to make good household pets. But once properly trained and socialized, they tend to be loving and loyal companions.

Adopting Terriers

It’s easy to find terrier mixes at dog shelters and animal rescue shelters if you want to adopt one. A lot of mixed-breed dogs end up at shelters because of careless breeding practices and owners. Take a look at any local shelter in your area or look online for shelters that are near you. 

In a lot of cases, the shelters might not be able to give you the exact lineage of your dog but that shouldn’t matter if you wish to provide a rescue dog with a good home. Whether big or small, male or female, shelters will have all kinds of terrier mix rescue dogs for you to choose from;

Why Should You Opt For a Rescue Dog?

The first reason to pick a rescue dog to adopt is that you’re giving a homeless animal a home. Adopting from rescue shelters often saves the life of the dog and you’re doing a good deed rather than going to a breeder. (Breeders often have unsafe and unethical breeding practices that shouldn’t be encouraged.)

Even apart from that, rescue dogs are usually a little older and are already partially housebroken and trained. They’ve been socialized and have interacted with other dogs before. This means a lot less work for you. Especially in the case of terrier mixes, which require a lot of training and work on the part of the owner. A terrier mix rescue dog probably already knows how to interact with strangers and other animals and doesn’t require as much trouble on your part. 

They’re also probably spayed or neutered and this means you don’t need to bother with the hassle yourself. There’ll be quite a lot of terrier mix breeds on offer at a rescue shelter so you can find the dog that is the perfect match for you. 


Terrier mixes offer a delightful mix of personality and loyalty. By adopting a rescue dog, you’ll not only gain a fantastic companion but also give a homeless animal a loving forever home. Consider opening your heart and home to a deserving terrier mix pup!


How can I find a terrier mix rescue dog?

Contact local shelters or search online for terrier mix rescues in your area. Be open to various breeds and personalities!

Why adopt a terrier mix rescue dog?

Rescue dogs need loving homes! You’ll save a life, gain a loyal friend, and potentially get a pre-trained pup.

How can I find a terrier mix rescue dog?

Contact local shelters or search online for terrier mix rescues in your area. Be open to various breeds and personalities!

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