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Regardless of size, some dogs just have the cuteness factor or they don’t. It might be their soulful eyes. It might be the fact that they’re just a ball of fluff. It might be their grumpy expressions. Mind you, this list is just about looks. The dogs might be absolute demons under their adorable exteriors.

List of all Cute Dog Breeds

Labrador Retriever

The most popular and best-loved dog breed for a reason, the Labrador retriever will surely win hearts with his eager to please personality and adorable eyes. Seriously, they’re the definition of puppy dog eyes. They come in three colors – cream, black and chocolate – and all of them are swoonworthy.


These tiny, vocal pooches with ears that are too big for their bodies are guaranteed to make you fall in love. If it isn’t because of their soulful eyes, it’s because of their sweet howls. If you can watch these dogs run with ears flapping and not want to get one immediately, you’re no dog lover.


Wrinkles in dogs are always so much cuter than wrinkles in human beings. The squashed faces and small bodies of pugs automatically make them adorable but the wrinkles up the cuteness factor immensely. The curly tail and their ability to get along with all clinches the deal.

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Poodles can definitely seem high maintenance with their elaborate coats and cuts. But there’s no denying how sweet these pooches are, particularly the toy breed. They’re intelligent too, so they have a lot going for them even apart from their appearance.

Golden Retriever

There isn’t a person in the world that the golden retriever cannot befriend. With their luscious locks that come in a variety of shades of blonde, the golden retriever is a ball of energy and fun. The floppy ears and floppy tails have allowed them to climb ranks to number one dog in the US.


Called sausage dogs, these short but sturdy dogs have been winning hearts for generations. With their long, floppy ears and short legs, these dogs definitely look like hot dogs. (And the food is named after them, by the way). Their personalities are bigger than their bodies, making them good guard dogs.


If there was ever a dog that embodied a cloud it is the Samoyed. Known as the smiling sled dog, because of the way they look like they’re always smiling, Samoyeds are always happy to see you. Combine the fluffy white fur and the eager nature and you have cuteness personified.

Shi Tzu

When you see a tiny Shi Tzu with its flowing locks, you won’t be surprised to learn that these dogs were favored by Chinese emperors. What’s not to love? The modern Shi Tzu is often spotted sporting a flowing ponytail which makes it completely irresistible.

Bichon Frise

A teddy bear or a Bichon Frise? Really, is there any difference? They’ve got the fluffy, curly coat and the devoted temperament that would win over even the most hardened of people. It’s no wonder that this French breed is considered one of the cutest in existence.

Siberian Husky

We all know that Siberian huskies are more like cats than dogs. They are so independent that they’ll do whatever they want and are notoriously hard to train. But these floofy dogs with their striking ice blue eyes are so sweet that we’re ready to forget all their sins. Including their tendency to howl at all hours.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

They’re small and close to the ground with ears that seem too big for them. With big round butts and a cheerful smiling expression, we can see right away why Elizabeth II loved them so much. They were cattle herders, despite their small stature, so they’re hard-working too.

Australian Shepherd 

Not Australian at all, these American shepherd dogs are smart, hard-working and pretty all rolled into one. Unique because of their red and blue merle coats, the puppy-like energy of the Australian shepherd makes it one of the cutest breeds ever. They’re always ready to have fun. 


Nicknamed Poms (which is a cute name in and of itself), this Polish Spitz breed is fluffy and lion-like. They even have the distinctive red-gold mane. They’re lions if lions came in mini sizes and wanted to be around humans all the time. Poms are one of the tiniest breeds.

Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese mountain dog, on the other hand, is a big breed. But they’re so fluffy and have such soulful eyes that they’ve got to be one of the cutest big breeds of all time. Bred to rescue people from the snow, they have friendly personalities to match their looks.

Chow Chow

The chow chow, which looks like a chonky little lion, with a mane around the face, has a pretty distinctive appearance. They’ve also got the rare blue-purple tongue. It’s a good thing these dogs look cute though, since chow chows are notoriously stubborn.

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkie is small with a smooth, silky, flowing coat that can be cut in a variety of styles. Styled long or short, however, there’s no getting over the cuteness of the Yorkie. They might have had humble beginnings as ratters in English factories but now they’re beloved family dogs.

French Bulldog

Frenchies, with their big eared, round eyed, jowly appearance, have to feature on the list of cutest dog breeds. After all, how can you leave out these dogs that make for the cuddliest roommates ever. They’re low on energy and like nothing better than to sleep all day.

Border Collie

Of course the smartest dog breed in the world will feature on this list, since border collies have the beauty to match their brains. With bright, expressive, intelligent eyes and perpetually alert ears, border collies will make a home for themselves in your hearts by picking up commands as easily as any human could.


These distinctive white and black spotted dogs are very recognizable indeed. If we weren’t inclined to love dalmatians just for their sweet appearance and the Disney stamp, we’d love them for their sheer enthusiasm. Dalmatians like nothing better than jumping and joining you for long hikes.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

And finally, the Cavalier King Charles spaniel, for all its royal name, is more cute than majestic. Think about long, trailing, curly ears and this breed is probably the one that comes to mind. Small and cuddly, this breed is the perfect lap dog and its warm brown will stare into your soul.


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