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Siberian Husky Size Explained: How Big Are They Compared To Others?

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Siberian Husky Height

Siberian Husky Size

Siberian Huskies are medium-sized dogs. They are a working sled dog breed that is somewhat taller. Their neck is straight, and their shoulders are level. 

They are light on their feet and move freely and gracefully. Even though they resemble wolves, they are among the nicest dog breeds.

A Siberian Husky is usually kind and comfortable with folks, including strangers. These compact size dog breeds’ typical height varies from 20 to 23 1/2 inches for both males and females.

Siberian Husky Height Inches Centimeters 
Male 21-23.5 inches53 – 60 cm
Female 20-22 inches50 – 56 cm

Siberian Husky Weight

Siberian Huskies are traditional northern dogs bred as working dogs. As told previously these are medium-sized dogs; with Male huskies normally weighing 45 to 60 pounds, and female huskies weighing 35 to 50 pounds. 

Their weight is proportional to their height. Furthermore, the Males are somewhat larger than the females. Siberians are distinguished for their muscular but seemingly smooth stride. They are notably smaller and lighter than most of their cousins, weighing no more than 60 pounds.

Siberian Husky Weight Pounds Kilograms 
Male 45 – 60 lbs20 – 27 kg
Female 35 – 50 lbs15 – 22 Kg

Siberian Husky Puppy Size

The Husky puppies develop quickly throughout the first six months of their lives, then slow down. They will continue to grow as a huge dog breed until around 12-18 months of age, but at a considerably slower rate than during the initial months of life.

A Siberian Husky pup may be safely taken from its mother and introduced to your household at the age of two months.

Female puppies at this age will most likely weigh 8-12 pounds and stand 10-12 inches tall. 

While the Males will be bigger, weighing 10-15 pounds more, they will remain the same height at this age. 

To understand the development of these puppies, you may look at the growth chart below:

Male Growth Chart

Siberian Husky AgeMale- Weight Range Male-Height Range
2 months10-15 lbs10”-12”
3 months18-23 lbs10”-12”
4 months22-30 lbs12”-15”
5 months25-35 lbs12”-15”
6 months30-40 lbs15”-19”
7 months33-43 lbs15”-19”
8 months35-47 lbs19”-22”
9 months39-52 lbs19”-22”
10 months40-55 lbs22”-24”
11 months40-58 lbs22”-24”
1 year43-57 lbs22”-24”

Female Growth Chart

Siberian Husky AgeFemale- Weight RangeFemale- Height Range 
2 months8-12 lbs10”-12”
3 months13-20 lbs10”-12”
4 months18-25 lbs12”-14”
5 months21-31 lbs12”-14”
6 months23-33 lbs14”-16”
7 months25-38 lbs14”-16”
8 months28-42 lbs16”-18”
9 months31-46 lbs16”-18”
10 months32-47 lbs18”-20”
11 months33-48 lbs18”-20”
1 year34-49 lbs20”-22”

Siberian Husky Full Size

Male Huskies reach maturity around the age of 18 months. Your dog has most certainly attained its full height and weight at this stage. 

However, they may continue to grow after this point. Females often cease developing at the age of 15 months.

When fully grown, male Siberian Huskies are between 22 and 24 inches tall, while females are between 20 and 22 inches. 

As adults, the typical husky (male) weighs 45-60 pounds, whereas the average husky (female) weighs 35-50 pounds. 

They have thick double coats that keep them warm in all weather, adding to their size. Husky males are larger and heavier than their more delicate female counterparts. This implies that the males will be bulkier and taller.

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Siberian Husky Litter Size

A Siberian Husky typically gives birth to four to six pups in a litter. Of course, the number of pups delivered depends on a variety of factors such as the mother’s health, weight, and age. 

In their first litter, a healthy husky can have up to six puppies, and even more in successive litters. 

However, giving birth to four or fewer puppies is not unusual. While it is common for a husky to give birth to one or two puppies, which is more unusual.

Siberian Husky Size Comparison Human

Siberian Husky Size comparison

Before adopting a pet, it is critical to consider whether it is the right fit for both you and your family. You may be puzzled as to how you will approach the same. But it’s rather easy. 

You just simply need to study and compare the size of the dog breed you are considering for yourself. As previously stated, the Siberian husky is a mid-sized dog it weighs approx 35 to 50 lbs, and stands 20 to 23.5 inches tall. 

Considering, the average human weight is around 110 to 154 lbs (50 – 70 kilograms) with a height of 159.5 cm (5 ft 2.8 in) – 171 cm (5 ft 7.3 in). 

So, by looking at the specifics, we can conclude that huskies are much smaller and lighter as compared to us. Therefore, they can even be easily handled by people who are not very experienced with dogs.

But make sure to avoid giving control of your dog to teenagers or children.

Siberian Husky Vs German Shepherd Vs Alaskan Husky Size Comparison

Siberian Husky Size comparison

When it comes to size, Siberian huskies are often smaller than Alaskan huskies, with the Alaskan Husky standing up to 25.5 – 26 inches tall compared to a Siberian Husky’s 24 inches. 

The dogs are medium-sized, and even though the Siberian Husky is smaller than the Alaskan Husky, the Siberians weigh more on average. 

They may weigh up to 65 pounds, compared to the Alaskan’s 55 pounds. German Shepherd males stand between 21 and 26 inches tall and weigh between 74 and 97 pounds, making them the largest of the three canines.

Size Siberian HuskyGerman shepherd  Alaskan Husky 
Weight Male: 45 – 60 lbsFemale: 35 – 50 lbsMale: 65-90 pounds Female: 50-70 poundsMale: 40 to 60 pounds, Female: 35 to 48 pounds
Height Male: 21-23.5 inchesFemale: 20-22 inchesMale: 24-26 inches, Female: 22-24 inches20–26 inches

Siberian Husky Vs Wolf Size Comparison

Siberian Husky Size comparison

The size difference between a husky and a wolf is perhaps very apparent. Male huskies typically stand 21 to 23.5 inches in height at the shoulder and weigh 45 to 60 pounds. 

A wolf, on the other hand, can range in height from 31 to 33 inches Almost every wolf subspecies is larger than the biggest husky. Having said that, there are records of wolves measuring up to 190 pounds

Size Siberian HuskyWolf
Weight Male: 45 – 60 lbsFemale: 35 – 50 lbs88 to 175 lbs
Height Male: 21-23.5 inchesFemale: 20-22 inches31 to 33 inches

Siberian Husky Vs Rottweiler Vs Pitbull Size Comparison

Siberian Husky Size comparison

Rottweilers are the biggest of the three dog breeds, standing 22 to 27 inches tall and weighing 85 to 130 pounds, while Siberian Huskies are 20 to 23 inches tall and weigh 35 to 60 pounds. 

And the Pitbull measures between 17 and 21 inches tall and weighs between 30 and 65 pounds. 

These canines are completely different in appearance. In comparison to the muscular and stockier Pitbull, Huskies are generally taller and more slender in build. Regardless, huskies and Pitbulls are both smaller than Rottweilers

Size Siberian HuskyRottweilerPitbull 
Weight Male: 45 – 60 lbsFemale: 35 – 50 lbsMale:  95-135 pounds Female: 80-100 poundsMale: 35 – 60 pounds, Female: 30 – 50 pounds
Height Male: 21-23.5 inchesFemale: 20-22 inchesMale: 24-27 inches, Female: 22-25 inchesMale: 18 – 21 inches, Female: 17 – 20 inches


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