St. Bernard Size Explained: How Big Are They Compared To Others?

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St. Bernard Size

Saint Bernard much like its name is of a calm, composed, and patient nature. They were used as working dogs in Italy and Switzerland. 

But today, they have become quite popular among people for their friendly nature and cute acts. They are also huge and extremely muscular. 

Bernards are not only popular for their enormous size, but they are equally loving and affectionate Saint Bernards are considered to progress intellectually slower as puppies than other breeds while being extremely brilliant adults. 

They are patient and kind. These dogs are messy pets, frequently panting and tracking into the mud. 

Saint Bernards do not perform well in warmer areas because of their heavy shedding and thick coats. They are adapted to low temperatures. Keep reading to know more about this dog breed.

Saint Bernard Height

St. Bernard Size

Saint Bernard is a huge dog. They are large, muscular, and powerful dogs. However, these are lazy and less active compared to other dogs. On average, the height range of Male St. Bernard is 28-30 inches and for females, it is 26-28 inches.

Dog BreedHeight
St. Bernard Height Male71 to 76 cm (28 to 30 in)
St. Bernard Height Female66 to 71 cm (26 to 28 in)

Saint Bernard Weight

As mentioned, Saint Bernard is extremely muscular and huge. Which also makes it heavier compared to other dog breeds. Following is the estimated weight of a St. Bernard:

Dog BreedWeight
St. Bernard Height Male64 to 82 kg (140 to 180 lb)
St. Bernard Height Female54 to 64 kg (120 to 140 lb)

How Big is a Full-Size St. Bernard?

A saint Bernard grows to its full size up to the age of two years. They are giant dogs and a fully grown Bernard’s average height should be around 60 to 90 centimeters (25-35 inches).

These dogs are equally powerful and muscular which makes them heavier. With an average weight of around 65 to 90 kilograms (143-198 lbs).

St. Bernard Litter Size

Saint Bernards on average can birth two to twelve puppies in each litter. They live on average between eight to ten years.

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St. Bernard Puppy Size

You can take the Bernard puppy home when they complete a minimum of 8 weeks. They are extremely adorable and cute. A two-month St. Bernard puppy has an estimated mass of 25 lbs to 45 lbs.

St. Bernard AgeMale Weight
1-month10 – 25 lbs
2 months25 – 40 lbs
3 months 40 – 55 lbs
4 months 50 – 65 lbs
5 months 65 – 80 lbs
6 months 80 – 100 lbs
7 months 90 – 110 lbs
8 months 100 – 120 lbs
9 months 105 – 125 lbs
10 months 115 – 135 lbs
11 months 125 – 150 lbs
1-year (12 months)130 – 165 lbs
24 months (2 years) 140 – 180 lbs
St. Bernard AgeFemale Weight
1-month10 – 20 lbs
2 months 15 – 35 lbs
3 months 35 – 50 lbs
4 months 45 – 65 lbs
5 months 55 – 80 lbs
6 months 65 – 90 lbs
7 months 75 – 100 lbs
8 months 85 – 110 lbs
9 months 90 – 115 lbs
10 months 90 – 115 lbs
11 months 100 – 120 lbs
1-year (12 months)110 – 130 lbs
24 months (2 years) 120 – 140 lbs

Saint Bernard Poop Size

A St. Bernard tends to poop more frequently in comparison to other dog breeds. However, their poop size is smaller than the Great Dane but still huge. St. Bernard tends to produce 900-1,200 gr/day (1.9-2.6 lbs/day) of poop.

Saint Bernard Size Comparison to Human

St. Bernard Size comparison

Saint Bernards are huge muscular and powerful dog breeds. Their height can range between 60 to 80 centimeters. 

In length & height, they are smaller in comparison to humans’ average height. However, they are extremely powerful and massive if compared to us. 

With their friendly, affectionate, and patient nature, these dogs can be handled easily by an adult human being. Moreover, a properly trained St. Bernard can be handled even by a teenager. 

It is vital to note that young children should not be left alone, without proper guidance and supervision.

Saint Bernard Vs Great Dane Vs Labrador Size Comparison

St. Bernard is almost the same size as the Great Dane. However, Labradors are comparatively smaller in size and mass. The nature of all three is likely the same, with the great Dane being a little more patient compared to them.

SizeSt. BernardGreat DaneLabrador 
Height 66-76 cm (26-30”)69-81 cm (27-32”)53-62 cm (21-24.5”)
Weight 54-82 kg (120-180 lbs)45-91 kg (99-200 lbs)25-36 kg (55-79 lbs)

Saint Bernard Vs Husky Vs Golden Retriever Size Comparison 

St. Bernard Size comparison

St Bernard, husky and golden retriever share similar personality traits. They are all charming, intelligent, and loyal. However, they differ in size. You can understand the comparison between them through the following table

SizeSt. BernardHusky Golden Retriever 
Height 66-76 cm (26-30”)48-61 cm (19-24”) 51-61 cm (20-24”)
Weight 54-82 kg (120-180 lbs)16 to 23 kg (35 to 50 lbs)25 and 34 kg (55 and 75 lb)

Saint Bernard Vs Pitbull Vs Rottweiler Size Comparison 

St. Bernard Size comparison

St Bernard, Pitbull, and rottweiler have distinguishing personalities and sizes. A Bernard is affectionate and loving in nature, whereas the Pitbull and rottweiler are fighting dogs that have aggressive personalities.

However, the other two are much more popular in comparison to St Bernard. Have a look at the table below to get a better understanding of the sizes.

SizeSt. BernardPitbull Rottweiler
Height 66-76 cm (26-30”)45–53 cm (18–21”)56-69 cm (22-27”)
Weight 54-82 kg (120-180 lbs)15–27 kg (35–60 pounds)35-60 kg (77-132 lbs)


And that was everything you need to know about the size of a St. Bernard Dog. I hope this article was informative enough and you got something useful from it.

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