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Great Dane Size Explained: How Big Are They Compared To Others?

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Great Dane Size

The giant dog breed known as the Great Dane comes from Germany. Despite their enormous size as one of the biggest dog breeds in the world. These are gentle and playful. 

The Great Dane is popularly known as the “Apollo of Dogs,” due to his incredible grace and stature. 

They are genuine friendly dogs to live with, but taking up the responsibility of a dog with such intimidating size, weight, and strength is not something that should be underestimated. 

Although, they are quite high maintenance pertaining to their imposing height and diet. This breed is nonetheless fantastic. 

And In this article, I’ve discussed everything related to their size and also compare it with other dog breeds.

So without further ado let’s get into it.

Great Dane Height

Great Dane Size

The Great Dane is one of the tallest of all dog breeds. They can reach a shoulder height of 32 inches, making them higher than the majority of dogs and, when raised with their hind legs, most people will look smaller. 

Following is the approximate height of the great Dane which you should know:

Dog BreedHeight
Great Dane Male30 – 35 inches (76 – 90 cm)
Great Dane Female28 – 33 inches (71 – 84 cm)

Great Dane Weight

These powerful and large-sized dogs can be quite heavy. A fully grown Great Dane can approximately weigh up to 82 kilograms. 

Following is the estimated weight of a Great Dane:

Dog BreedWeight
Great Dane Male120 – 200 lbs (54-90 kg)
Great Dane Female100 – 130 lbs (45-58 kg)

Great Dane Puppy Size

A great Dane is considered fully grown when they are at around 18 months to two years of age. 

They are available to be taken into families when around 8 weeks to 16 weeks. However, it is advisable to take a great Dane puppy for adoption at around six months old. 

Great Dane Puppy height and weight are estimated as follows:

  • Height: 26 – 33 inches (at six months)
  • Weight: 65 – 100 pounds (at six months)

How Big Is a Full-Grown Great Dane?

As mentioned above, a full-grown great Dane’s age should be between 18 months to two years of age. They can be extremely intimidating with their massive size. 

A fully grown Dane can be taller than most people. As per the standards listed by the American Kennel Club, an adult male great Dane should not be less than 30 inches in height and the female should be a minimum of 28 inches at shoulders.

Great Dane Poop Size

Like every other dog, the Great Dane is also an omnivore. And their poop is similar to most dogs in color and texture, but in size. as a great Dane has huge size, they may produce large sized poop than most dogs. Their poop size can vary between a tennis ball to approx., two inches in diameter and weigh 1.1-1.3 lbs.

Great Dane Litter Size

A great Dane litter size is often astounding ranging from around 15 to 16 puppies. They were even reported to be around 19 puppies.

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Great Dane Size Comparison to Humans

These enormous dogs are bigger than most humans. With a height of around 34 inches at shoulder length, compared to the height of an average human between 5.5 to 5.9 feet, they are certainly huge! 

However, given their friendly and loving nature, these dogs can be easily handled by humans. An adult human can handle them easily but, it is important to note that young children below 10 years of age should not be left without guidance or supervision near the Great Dane.

Great Dane Size Vs Wolf Size Comparison

Great Dane Size COMPARISON

Wolves are of various sizes and forms. However, an average wolf has a shoulder length that is between 31-33 inches high. With a maximum height of 33.6 inches, they are practically equal to the Great Dane!

SizeGreat DaneWolf 
Height 71-90 cm (27-35”)31-33.5 inches
Weight 45-91 kg (99-200 lbs)Approx 175 lbs (80kg)

Great Dane Vs Mastiff Size Comparison

Great Dane Size COMPARISON

Both great Dane and mastiff are of the almost same personality. But the difference in their physique is very much visible. You can understand the comparison between them through the following table

SizeGreat DaneMastiff 
Height 71-90 cm (27-35”)70-91 cm (27-35”)
Weight 45-91 kg (99-200 lbs)54-100 kg (119-220 lbs)

Great Dane Vs German Shepherd Vs Doberman Size Comparison

Great Dane Size COMPARISON

These three in-demand and popular dog breeds are equally powerful, loyal, and friendly. However, the great Dane is the biggest of all of them. Have a look at the table below to get a better understanding of the same.

SizeGreat DaneGerman ShepherdDoberman
Height 71-90 cm (27-35”)55-65 cm (21-25”)61-72 cm (24-28”)
Weight 45-91 kg (99-200 lbs)22-40 kg (48-88 lbs)32-45 kg (70-100 lbs)

Great Dane Vs Saint Bernard Vs Pitbull Vs Labrador Size Comparison

Great Dane Size COMPARISON

The Great Dane, St. Bernard, Pitbull, and Labrador are quite distinct from each other pertaining to their sizes. 

A St. Bernard is huge in size, almost equal to the great Dane, whereas a Labrador is much smaller in comparison to them. 

Also, concerning their personalities, the Pitbull is much more aggressive as compared to the friendly and patient nature of the other three dog breeds. You can understand the comparison between them through the following table

SizeGreat DaneSt BernardPitbull Labrador 
Height 71-90 cm (27-35”)65-90 cm (26-35”)45–53 cm (18–21”)55-62 cm (21-24”)
Weight 45-91 kg (99-200 lbs)54-82 kg (120-180 lbs)15–27 kg (35–60 pounds)25-36 kg (55-79 lbs)


Great Danes are the best choice if you are looking for a friendly, patient, and, equally loyal pet. 

And that was everything you need to know about the size of the Great Dane. I hope you got something useful from this article.

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