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Doberman Size Explained: How Big Are They Compared To Others?

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Doberman Height

Doberman Size

Doberman Pinschers are among the most excellent watchdogs in the world, being elegant, agile, and highly devoted. 

With a fantastic body and sharp intellect, the Doberman Pinscher is one of canine society’s noblemen. Among the best guard dogs in the world, this breed distinguishes itself for its unmatched bravery and alertness.

Doberman is a giant dog breed that may reach heights of over 2 feet, with females typically reaching a height of approximately 26 inches and males closer to 28 inches.

Height Centimeter Inches 
Doberman (male)66.4 – 71.12 cm26 – 28 in
Doberman (female)60.96 – 66.4 cm24–26 in

Doberman Weight

Doberman Pinschers are huge dog breeds. That is between sixty and one hundred pounds. They also possess sufficient size to intimidate the majority of would-be invaders. They’re also very muscular and athletic. This is a “proper-looking dog,” as some might say.

The Doberman Males may weigh up to 100 pounds, while the majority of Dobies weigh between 55 and 90 pounds. They have a lot of muscle on those frames, giving them a buff muscular look.

Weight Kilograms Pounds 
Doberman (male)34.1 – 45.3 kgs75 – 100 lbs
Doberman (female)27.2 – 40.8 kgs60 – 90 lbs

Doberman Litter Size

Dobermans typically have a litter size of six to eight puppies. The litter is often relatively healthy and lively if the delivery goes through without any significant complications. 

The largest litter ever recorded by a Doberman was 13 puppies. Although the puppies are lively, the Doberman breed is noted for maturing more slowly than other dog breeds.

Doberman Puppy Size

Doberman Pinschers mature more slowly than several other dog breeds since they are massive canines. 

A newborn Doberman puppy weighs about 10 to 20 oz, which is relatively small. They have closed eyes and ears from birth. During the initial two weeks, they develop pretty fast and breastfeed every one to two hours.

By six weeks, the weaning is completed, and most puppies now weigh around 8 pounds. 

Females achieve their full adult height and weigh between 56 and 64 pounds during the ninth month. 

Males typically weigh 65 to 75 pounds, but they don’t achieve their peak height until they are around 18 months old. 

Look at the table below to understand the growth of a Doberman puppy better:

Doberman AgeMale WeightFemale Weight
1 month5 – 10 lb5 – 10 lb
2 months15 – 25 lb10 – 20 lb
3 months25 – 35 lb20 – 30 lb
4 months40 – 50 lb35 – 45 lb
5 months45 – 55 lb40 – 50 lb
6 months50 – 65 lb45 – 55 lb
7 months55 – 70 lb50 – 60 lb
8 months60 – 70 lb55 – 65 lb
9 months65 – 80 lb60 – 70 lb
10 months70 – 85 lb60 – 75 lb
11 months70 – 90 lb60 – 80 lb
12 months75 – 95 lb60 – 85 lb
24 months75 – 100 lb60 – 90 lb

Doberman Full Size

As hinted previously, Dobermans mature more slowly than several other dog breeds. Around their first birthday, Dobermans could be almost fully grown, with most of them already reaching adult height. 

The rest of Dobermans, however, need up to two years to attain their adult weight and develop a wholly developed chest.

A fully grown male Doberman will weigh approximately 75 to 100 pounds and stand between 26 to 28 inches at withers. 

A female Doberman will weigh 60 to 90 pounds less than a male and stand 24 to 26 inches tall. Dobies should have a strong, muscular build that is compact and graceful in both male and female breeds.

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Doberman Vs Great Dane Vs Rottweiler Size Comparison

Doberman Size comparison

Great Danes are bigger than Dobermans and Rottweilers; they typically stand 26 to 34 inches tall and weigh 100 to 175 pounds, compared to 110-175 lbs for Rottweilers and 85 to 130 pounds for Dobermans. 

Both the Rottweiler and the Doberman are tall dogs, with the male Rottweiler being an average of 25.5 inches tall and the male Doberman at an average of 27 inches tall. Although the Doberman is taller in general, the Rottweiler is heavier.

Size Doberman  Great Dane Rottweiler
WeightMale: 75-100 pounds, Female: 60-90 poundsMale: 140-175 pounds Female: 110-140 poundsMale: 95-135 pounds, Female: 80-100 pounds
HeightMale: 26-28 inches, Female: 24-26 inchesMale: 30-32 inches, Female: 28-30 inches Male: 24-27 inches Female: 22-25 inches

Doberman Vs German Shepherd Vs Boxer Dog Size Comparison

Doberman Size comparison

There are as many physical similarities between these canines as there are variations. 

At one year old, these dog breeds are large-sized dogs that weigh between 50 and 100 pounds and stand between 26 and 29 inches tall. 

Dobermans often grow to be the largest of the three breeds. All of these dogs support an athletic build, but the Dobermans are taller and leaner, while the shepherds and boxers are bulkier and shorter

Size DobermanGerman ShepherdBoxer dog  
WeightMale: 75-100 pounds, Female: 60-90 poundsMale: 65-90 pounds Female: 50-70 poundsMale: 66–70 lb (30–32 kg), Female: 55–60 lb (25–27 kg)
HeightMale: 26-28 inches, Female: 24-26 inchesMale: 24-26 inches, Female: 22-24 inches Male: 22–25 in (56–64 cm), Female: 21–24 in (53–61 cm)

Doberman Vs Pitbull Vs Husky Size Comparison

Doberman Size comparison

The American Pit Bull Terrier ranges in size between 18 to 21 inches (45 to 53 cm) tall and 35 to 60 pounds (15 to 27 kg). Siberian Huskies often stand 20 to 23 inches tall and weigh 35 to 60 pounds, whereas Dobermans are bigger, standing around 24 to 28 inches tall and weighing 60 to 80 pounds.

Size Doberman Pitbull Husky
WeightMale: 75-100 pounds, Female: 60-90 poundsMale: 35 – 60 pounds, Female: 30 – 50 pounds Male: 45-60 pounds, Female: 35-50 pounds
HeightMale: 26-28 inches, Female: 24-26 inchesMale: 18 – 21 inches, Female: 17 – 20 inchesMale: 21-23.5 inches, Female: 20-22 inches


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