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Who would’t like a dog that’s all fluffy and soft. After all, half the fun of having a dog is the constant cuddles. Whether large or small, fluffy dogs come in all sorts of sizes. So if you would like to know what it’s like to always be able to cuddle a cloud, here are some ideal breeds for you.

List of Fluffy Dog Breeds

Golden Retriever

With their floofy golden fur and their floofy tails, there’s no way that this dog breed doesn’t appear on this list. Bred as gundogs in Scotland, goldens are just as intelligent as they are affectionate. There’s nothing better your golden retriever would like than a giant hug from you.

Bernese Mountain Dog

One of the biggest breeds ever, the Bernese mountain dog has fluff for days. And they needed it too, to protect them from the cold climates that they lived in. They were bred to herd cattle and pull heavy carts, these dogs love being in human company. That fluff needs a lot of brushing though. 

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise looks like a pile of snowballs put together. Or a really cuddly white teddy bear. These French dogs that served as lap dogs for French ladies at court are really friendly and loving as well. Unlike many small breeds, you needn’t worry about introducing a Bichon Frise into a home with young kids.


One of the largest and fluffiest breeds in the whole world, Newfoundlands can be as much as 150 lb in weight. This means a lot of fluff and a lot of shedding. They aren’t the easiest dogs in the world to own because the size combined with the amount of drooling can intimidate people.

Old English Sheepdog

The Old English sheepdog, which isn’t as commonly found anymore, looks a bit like a walking shag carpet. And that’s exactly what makes it so charming – the soft, woolly coat that you just want to bury your hands in. However, it requires a lot of upkeep and you might want to invest in a good vacuum cleaner.

Shi Tzu

If you’ve ever seen a Shi Tzu sporting a ponytail, you know just how fluffy these dogs can be. More than that, they’re sleek and it makes sense that they used to be royal lap dogs once upon a time. Shi Tzus have a lot of attitude but they also love cuddling in your lap.

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Saint Bernard

With a shaggy coat as soft as a cloud, the Saint Bernard exudes an aura of gentle strength. Known for their unwavering loyalty and kindness, these majestic dogs embody the true meaning of companionship. Whether rescuing lost travellers in the snowy Alps or cuddling up at home, they’re a symbol of warmth and protection.


An often overlooked dog, the Shipperke (pronounced ‘skipper-key’) is a small fox-like dog. With an energetic and mischievous personality, the erect ears and fluffy tail add a great deal of charm to these dogs. Their personalities are often much bigger than their actual size, true of many small breeds.

Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan mastiff might be an intimidating dog to suddenly come across. Rare and expensive, a purebred Tibetan mastiff can be huge but sweet at the same time. They’ve been guard dogs in the Himalayas for centuries and have the thick, furry coats to show for it.

Lhasa Apso

This rare breed is over a thousand years old. You might not think so, looking at their size, but they acted as guard dogs at Tibetan monasteries for centuries because of their alert and wary nature. Now, these goofy dogs make for excellent companions at home and the soft, fluffy fur just clinches it. 


These Chinese dogs are really more fluff than dog. Tiny in size, they want nothing more than to sit in your lap for hours. And no wonder, considering that they were bred to be companions and lapdogs. Don’t be surprised if they follow you around from room to room demanding cuddles.

Siberian Husky

We’ve all heard about the attitude problems of huskies. Stubborn and independent to a fault, there’s no faulting the long, thick fur that the husky boasts. And they certainly needed it to protect them while pulling sleds through the snow for days on end.


These dogs, native to Japan, have a bit of a fearsome reputation. But you wouldn’t think by looking at them. Looking a bit like bears with their round faces and furry coats, Akitas take to humans more than to other dogs. Their thick coats have a biannual blowout during spring and fall.

West Highland Terrier

Also called the Westie, these are some of the most popular small terriers out there. They love rooting around in the dirt after prey but the fact that they’re essentially a cute white ball of fluff makes up for that fact. Small dogs with big personalities, they’ll win the heart of anyone.

Great Pyrenees

Originally found in the Pyrenees Mountains of Europe, these big white dogs were herding dogs. And they only come in the color white – specially bred that way to distinguish them from wolves. With thick fluffy double coats, be prepared for the shedding that will accompany the Great Pyrenees in your home.


The best known example being Lassie from ‘Lassie Come Home’, there are actually two varieties of collies – rough collies and smooth collies. The former are extremely majestic, with long, luxurious coats that actually ripple in the breeze when they run. Intelligent and loyal, the collie is a herding dog.

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Coton de Tulear

Known as the royal dog of Madagascar, these small cottony-looking dogs are absolutely adorable. Immensely charming and with a fringe that covers their eyes, these white dogs were the lap dogs of the nobility in Madagascar but are friendly household dogs at present. 

Alaskan Malamute

Descended from wolves, Alaskan malamutes are some of the oldest breeds of truly American dogs still left in the world. Their thick waterproof double coats actually define the word ‘fluff’. Intelligent and strong, these sled dogs need a lot of grooming and the coats can become matted if not regularly brushed.


Pomeranians look like little lions because of their manes and the fact that they often come in a reddish-gold color. However, these Polish dogs can come in a variety of colors – white, chocolate, orange, black, red or brindle. It requires a lot of brushing but their cuteness makes it all worth it.


The smiling dog – so called because of the way their expression always seems to be stuck in a smiling position – the Samoyed is basically just a white cloud. Originally from Siberia, the Samoyed might be the friendliest sled dog in existence. 


Fluffy dog breeds offer undeniable charm and endless cuddles. From playful pups to loyal protectors, there’s a perfect furry friend waiting to steal your heart. Consider your lifestyle and research different breeds to find your ideal match!


Do fluffy dogs make good family pets?

It depends on the breed! Golden Retrievers and Bichon Frises are known for being gentle and loving with children. Research temperament before adopting.

Are fluffy dogs high-maintenance?

Their stunning fur often requires regular brushing to prevent matting. Consider your lifestyle when choosing a fluffy companion.

What’s the fluffiest dog breed?

Several breeds compete for the “fluffiest” title! Samoyeds, Old English Sheepdogs, and Chow Chows boast incredibly thick, luxurious coats.

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