Irish Wolfhound Size Explained: How Big Are They Compared To Others?

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Irish Wolfhound Size

The Irish Wolfhound is categorized mainly by its enormous size as they are the tallest dog breed in the world. 

They may seem ferocious and massive to people who are not familiar with them. 

If you are looking to have this giant pet as your companion, you should be aware of its size and other characteristics. 

These canines seem to be the size of another human and require much more space since they scarcely move straight. 

You will also have to consider if this dog is manageable for you or not. 

And In this article, I’ve explained all the aspects of an Irish Wolfhound size and also compared it with different dog breeds.

Irish Wolfhound Height

Irish Wolfhound Size
Irish Wolfhound Size Explained: How Big Are They Compared To Others?

The pleasant Irish Wolfhound is a large, powerful, and muscular dog with beautifully built Greyhound lines that can sprint quickly. They are undoubtedly one of the largest dog breeds in the world.

With an estimated height of over 32 inches and robust muscles, they appear to be quite intimidating at first. Following is the approximate height of the Irish Wolfhound you should know:

Dog BreedHeight (Minimum)
Irish Wolfhound Male32 inches (81.2)
Irish Wolfhound Female30 inches (76.2)

Irish Wolfhound Weight

The big Irish dogs can weigh up to whooping 140 lbs. These dogs are huge and one of the biggest in the whole world.

Provided their robust structure and muscular build you can predict just how much they can weigh. If you are looking to keep them as your pet take note of the following estimates of the Irish Wolfhounds’ weight:

Dog BreedWeight
Irish Wolfhound Male120 lbs (54 kg)
Irish Wolfhound Female105 lbs (47 kg)

Irish Wolfhound Puppy Size

With twinkling Irish eyes, a fluffy coat, and the most adorable face. The Irish wolfhound puppies will make you fall in love with them at the first glance. 

If you are scoring to bring them home take note that the ideal time to take an Irish puppy is around 9 to 10 weeks. 

These puppies develop slowly compared to other dog breeds emotionally and physically. The estimated size of an Irish Wolfhound puppy at 8 weeks is 23 pounds.

Irish Wolfhound AgeMale Irish Wolfhound WeightFemale Irish Wolfhound Weight
1 month5 – 10 lb5 – 10 lb
2 months20 – 35 lb15 – 30 lb
3 months35 – 55 lb25 – 45 lb
4 months40 – 60 lb30 – 50 lb
5 months50 – 70 lb40 – 60 lb
6 months60 – 80 lb50 – 70 lb
7 months70 – 90 lb55 – 75 lb
8 months75 – 95 lb60 – 80 lb
9 months80 – 100 lb65 – 85 lb
10 months90 – 110 lb70 – 90 lb
11 months95 – 115 lb75 – 95 lb
12 months100 – 120 lb80 – 100 lb
24 months110 – 140 lb90 – 120 lb

Irish Wolfhound Full Size

Irish Wolfhounds require a longer period of time to grow and mature than normal-sized dog breeds given that they are a gigantic breed of dogs. 

Irish Wolfhounds take a minimum of two years to attain their adult size and develop completely. They can be taller than most humans. 

This full-size giant hound can be intimidating and threatening at first. But, once you get familiar with them, these soulful giants will make the best companion for you.

A fully grown Irish wolfhound’s size can be estimated as follows:

  • Male: 32 inches; 120 lbs
  • Female: 32 inches; 105 lbs

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Irish Wolfhound Litter Size

Now, you have fairly understood this Irish giant’s size. it is equally important to know their breeding-specific facts.

The number of pups birthed by a female Irish Wolfhound can range from 1 to 12. It greatly depends on the coefficient of inbreeding, which correlates directly with the number of generations.

Irish Wolfhound Size Compared to Human 

Irish Wolfhound Size comparison
Irish Wolfhound Size Explained: How Big Are They Compared To Others?

Many of you may be wondering how big these giants can be compared to us. To clear this doubt, the giant Irish Wolfhound can be much more powerful and larger than an average human being. 

These incredible sighthounds are the tallest of all dog breeds. To give you just an idea this big dog maybe 7 feet tall when raised on its hind legs.

Coming to your next concern, whether you will be able to handle them or not. You do not need to worry. 

Regardless of their size, these dogs are gentle, warm, and calm in nature. Therefore, they can be easily handled by an adult or teenager with little training. 

It is important to note that you should be careful while leaving your children alone with them. As they might knock them unintentionally.

Irish Wolfhound Vs Wolf Size

Irish Wolfhound Size comparison
Irish Wolfhound Size Explained: How Big Are They Compared To Others?

Despite the fact they have quite similar names, wolves and Irish Wolfhounds differ in a number of ways. 

The major difference is that Irish hounds are family-friendly, whereas wolves cannot live with a family. 

Their sizes also differ given that Irish wolfhounds were bred to hunt wolves. They are quite larger than the wolves.

SizeIrish WolfhoundWolf 
Weight 89-120 lbs (40-54 kg)Approx 175 lbs (80kg)
Height 30–32 in (76-81 cm)31-33.5 inches

Irish Wolfhound Vs Great Dane Vs Scottish Deerhound Size Comparison

Irish Wolfhound Size comparison
Irish Wolfhound Size Explained: How Big Are They Compared To Others?

All three dog breeds are quite similar in size and personality. However, the Irish Wolfhound and Scottish Deerhound belong to the Hound group and the great Dane belongs to the working group.

SizeIrish WolfhoundGreat DaneScottish Deerhound
Weight 89-120 lbs (40-54 kg)45-91 kg (99-200 lbs)80-100 lb (36-45 kg)
Height 30–32 in (76-81 cm)71-90 cm (27-32”)71-76 cm(28-30”)

English Mastiff Vs Irish Wolfhound Vs German Shepherd Size Comparison

Irish Wolfhound Size comparison
Irish Wolfhound Size Explained: How Big Are They Compared To Others?

Comparatively, the English mastiff and German shepherd are much smaller in size than the Irish Wolfhound however, the English mastiff may be heavier than both the German shepherd and Irish hound. 

Each one of them belongs to a different group, with the English mastiff belonging to the working group, the German shepherd to the herding group, and Irish Wolfhound to the hound group.

SizeIrish WolfhoundEnglish MastiffGerman Shepherd
Weight 89-120 lbs (40-54 kg)120-230 lbs (54-104 kg)22-40 kg (48-88 lbs)
Height 30–32 in (76-81 cm)70-76 cm (27-30”)55-65 cm (21-25”)


And that was everything you need to know about the size of the Irish Wolfhound. I hope this article was helpful enough and you got something useful from it.

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